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How We Do It

Ayushman Overseas aim to organize our efforts in the stream which truly favors our business to business relationship. We emphasize to formulate all our deals and services which satisfies the endeavors of our customers and the organisational goals. Our services have been handcrafted, keeping in mind the consumer’s dynamic mindset where our essential gems like multistage resolutions, quality assurance, customized packaging, timely delivery and client centric approach enables us to understand our client’s true demands

Quality Assurance

Quality is an important factor and the norms vary with different countries. We are committed to provide country specific product quality & certifications for complying with Asian, European, Middle East & American standards.

Customised Packaging

We understand that how packaging can create big differences on large and small scale and therefore we heartily imbibe the idea of customizing the packaging process as per the requirements of our buyers. We engage the best quality material for each packaging with unique measurements and with different internal cushioning. We emphasize on safe delivery since it saves tons of your money and adds values to our customer relationships.

International Based Trade

Internationally having networks in more than 15+ countries, we truly believe in cherishing quality and extending our limits to join hands with both vendors and buyers around the globe, encouraging, establishing and facilitating a never stopping chain of trade.

Multi Stage Resolutions

One of our key USPs is our MSR where we single handily deal with all the processes from procuring the material to its shipment. We ensure to pin out all the dynamic segments in the process and enable the customer to ask us for any possible customization in which ever stage possible. We have a set to set schedule of all the activities wherein we keep the customer satisfied by providing solutions to the multi stage concept of trading.  

Timely Delivery

Our supply chain is designed in such a way that the process of procurement to shipment is flawless & triggers immediately upon receipt of purchase order from our valuable clients which enable us to supply the fresh produce in a timely manner.

Customer Centric Communication

The true principle of establishing unending relationships with customers is possible by communicating each and every step with of our deals with our customers. We ensure that we empower our customers with ease of access and transparency of communication since we understand the concerns of our customers towards their shipments and therefore we ensure providing each and every detail asked for.

Extensive Range Agro Products

We have segmented our shelves into diverse product range and we make sure to provide exclusive agro commodities produced in India to our overseas clients at a competitive price. We also possess the ability to supply customised product deals at competent values.

Market Research

Market research is our significant element which enables us to procure quality produce and make them available globally at attractive values. Our core team is specialized in market research which not only helps in getting the best quality for buyers and great deals for vendors but also helps in simplifying the trade procedures, facilitating tedious process, and advancing infrastructure.

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We’ve have an incredible international deals, and we are having great international base of market for everyone who wants cherish international trade.

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We are uniting our resources to provide highly effective local deals for inmternmationmal markmet with superior quality and satisfaction as an result.

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