Our Portfolio

Being a young player in the stream Ayushman Overseas never pulls us behind the competition since we excel due to our experienced personals, customer centered efforts, dynamic services, customized product deals and competent value deals. Moreover let’s have a look over our company’s portfolio

Why Us

Multi Stage Resolutions

One of our key USPs is our MSR where we single handily deal with all the processes from procuring the material to its shipment where we ensure to pin out all the dynamic segments  and facilitate possible customization in which ever stage possible

Mission Golden Bird

Taking a flight with Indian economy in terms of Argo Exports is one of the significant way that will enrich Indian Goal of “Sone ke Chidiya” and self reliant economy.

We endure the spirit of National Growth by promoting Indian produce on Global Grounds and therefore investing subtle efforts in making a self reliant Economy. We understand the economic hold of India still relies on the bold hands of farmers of India.

Prioritizing Hygiene

Edibles are just more than taste, colors and aroma and this gap is filled with hygiene. Ayushman Overseas emphasize over exercising best hygienic practices and commits with these policies on all the stages from procurement to loading.

Customer Satisfaction

Ayushman Overseas strategize its satisfaction column while keeping customer fulfillment on the top. We ensure to provide contentment to our customers on both material and immaterial aspects.

Quality & Safety

We understand that both quality and safety comes at the top of the list of your concerns and therefore Ayushman overseas offers the assurance of quality and a promise of safely delivering your package to the receiving hands always and every time.

Competitive Pricing

Being an aggregator, offering competitive deals to both the buyers and vendors enables us to establish strong business grounds. We deal for values and prices by trading quality and believes.

Glassdoor Business

Ayushman Overseas believes in heading forward with strong ethical base and principles where we keep transparency of dealings.

Quality Assurance

Quality is an important factor and the norms vary with different countries. We are committed to provide country specific product quality & certifications for complying with Asian, European, Middle East & American standards.

Preserving Purity

We aim to preserve natural traits of the product like aroma, color and flavor. We assure the process of natural lock from procurement till delivery.

Sincerely Yours

As an aggregator Ayushman Overseas aims to strengthen its ties with both the vendors and buyers, focuses to provide a strong market and leads to the appreciation of wealth and health throughout the globe.

Our Social Media Outlook

Our Networks

Small Globe, Big Relations

“Big Networks demand strong bonds, especially when trade relies on larger distances.”

Aishwarya Shrotriya-

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Let’s build something together.

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We are uniting our resources to provide highly effective local deals for inmternmationmal markmet with superior quality and satisfaction as an result.

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