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Ayushman Overseas is a young Indian company in the global Agro market having satisfied networks in 15+ countries. Our portfolio is in enriched with a structured customer oriented approach which amplifies our reach to global markets. We aim to fetch quality material from our trusted sources and aim to provide the same at competent values to our buyers.We offer Indian origin product as per client requirement with superior quality and highest purity levels, with customized packaging and reliable storing conditions.

We have segmented our product line into four major segments of vegetables, fruits, grains and spices which not only simplifies the choices of buyers but also enables to cherish the Indian agro market demands. We cater the markets of North America, South Africa, several parts of Europe and South Asia. This large and concrete client base is possible since we believe in establishing permanency in relationships with both our clients and vendors through transparent and ethical business practices.

Our services have been handcrafted, keeping in mind the consumer’s dynamic mindset where our essential gems like multistage resolutions, quality assurance, customized packaging, timely delivery and client centric approach enables us to understand our client’s true demands.

Our core team is a collection of handpicked professionals which make the dynamic combination of our high quality services possible. We always aim to reach to our customers keeping in mind that a satisfactory set of services is the major reason to establish a smooth trade. We as a team acknowledge the need of customer satisfaction and assure to keep all our efforts parallel to consumer needs and our organisational goals. 

Our Beliefs


Our company envisions to be a significant contributor among the major export hubs of India in next 5 years
and promote the Indian produce at significant market values on global platforms.


Provide Indian produce a global market to invoke increased production and
enabling India to develop a self reliant economy.

Our Values

Every good organisation is based on good set of morals and principles. Our principles decides our way long journey with our trade pillars and thus improves our ties with them. We aim high standard deals with high standard output both on material and immaterial side.

Promoting National Exports

We prioritize to appreciate our figures of exports which naturally fulfil our three direct motives.

  • Contributing in country’s NFIA
    • Increased satisfied customer base
    • Generating bigger vendor network.

Valuing Customer Satisfaction

Our organisation is structured with principles which underline the terms of customer values. We understand that deals aren’t mere transactions but are pathways to individual growth, mutual economy and interpersonal relationships. Therefore our inputs are based on guarantees and trust factors.

Nurturing our Organisational Pillars

Every organisation stands strong due to its Customer base, quality supply, competent employees and strong infrastructure. We stand firm in strengthening in the 4 pillars with trust, quality deals, better working environment and constant updates.

Enriching Quality not Quantity

Our key to customer satisfaction both on the demand and supply side by emphasizing on quality over quantity. We do this by getting quality deals for vendors and quality stock for buyers.

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