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We believe in connecting needs and quality on a mutual platform, where we guard consumer satisfaction with quality and time efficiency

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Read our guidelines of Safety! As we always say ‘ People First’ !

About Us

Ayushman Overseas is a young Indian company in the global Agro market having satisfied networks in 15+ countries. Our portfolio is in enriched with a structured customer oriented approach which amplifies our reach to global markets. We aim to fetch quality material from our trusted sources and aim to provide the same at competent values to our buyers.

Our Services

In Ayushman Overseas we aim to organize our efforts in the stream which truly favors our business to business relationship. We emphasize to formulate all our deals and services which satisfies the endeavors of our customers and the organisational goals.

International Based Trade

Internationally having networks in more than 15+ countries, we proudly own a satisfied global agro market with high assurance of quality.

Multi Stage Resolutions

One of our key USPs is our MSR where we single handily deal with all the processes from procuring the material to its shipment.

Customized Packaging

We understand that packaging creates big differences on various business scale, thus we cherish the idea of customized packaging.

Our Products

In Ayushman Overseas we offer a variety of agro product range from variety vegetables, fruits, grains and spices. Check our product range and get great deals.

Reach Us

Ayushman Overseas believes that connection is the key to big trades and therefore we cherish fast communication policy. We never hesitate to reach our customers and we expect the same from our prospects too. Feel free to reach us via our contact info

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